Community engagement is the cornerstone of any effective revitalization.

The planning process is rooted in community values and aspirations. It creates a platform to guide and align local leaders, stakeholders, and the community toward a common future.

To the right are the concepts for the Downtown Redevelopment Master Plan, Downtown Van Wert Parking Study, and the Phase One Informational Presentation. These are concepts only and if adopted by City Council need project plans, design documents, feasibility plans, and further community input to sustain success.

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Downtown Van Wert Parking Survey Results

In July 2021 Van Wert Forward conducted a survey of our community members regarding their perceptions of parking available in the downtown area. These are the results of the survey of 385 people.

  • 40.5% of respondents do not like coming downtown if they cannot park close by. Within a 5 minute walk of the Van Wert Courthouse, there are over 700 public parking spaces.
  • 31% of respondents do not mind having to park a block or more away from the location they are intending to visit.
  • 27.9% of the respondents reported not having any current trouble parking downtown.
  • 52.6% of respondents recommend adding or reconfiguring parking spaces downtown to address future parking issues.
  • Only 8.9% of respondents are in favor of metered parking.
  • There was a correlation between individuals who work downtown and wanting better signage and more lots.
  • There was a correlation between individuals who visit downtown and those who do not like angled parking, semis, and the parklet.