Van Wert Forward – Connecting community to your operation

Van Wert Forward creates growth opportunities for small business operations by investing community resources in placemaking. We are connecting historical community ties to your enterprise.

Relationships Come First

If you are in our community you are in our family. And in a small town like ours, family comes first.

Focused on Community Return

Our lead equity investor, The Van Wert County Foundation, is focused on creating a well-resourced and thriving quality of life for our community.

Supporting Cultural Heritage

The Van Wert community’s historical investment connects customers to your business from the start – even before your doors open.

Modernity | Limited Investments

Van Wert Forward buys, renovates, and maintains the physical space. Your focus can be on your business, as it should be.

Check out our available properties.

Miller Brothers & McGavren Block

117 N Washington Street

129 N Washington Street

121 N Washington Street

The Arcade & Conant Block

100 W Main Street

102 W Main Street

Highlighted rendering of 108 W Main Street in downtown Van Wert

108 W Main Street

Oddfellows Lodge

101 E Main Street

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