Vantage Program Tours Downtown Development Project

VAN WERT, OH, March 15, 2022 – Last Thursday, March 10, Van Wert Forward hosted the junior and senior Construction Equipment Technology (CET) classes from Vantage Career Center for a tour of the buildings under construction in downtown Van Wert. Van Wert Forward Property Manager Hall Block and Model Group Project Superintendent Mike Zuleger hosted the senior lab class for a morning tour of the Oddfellows Lodge (101-107 E Main St & 108-110 N Washington St), The Arcade (100-104 W Main St & 103 S Washington St) and the Conant Block (108 W Main St). The junior lab class came for an afternoon tour of the same buildings. 

CET Instructor Chris Miles and CET Instructional Aide Deb Richardson supervised the experiential learning opportunity. Chris the CET instructor with Vantage for three years, was excited to have his students on-site saying, “A long-term development project in our community creates an opportunity for Vantage students to be invested in their hometown. Touring these spaces allows students to see their learning become real as their academics are transformed into action.”

Instructional aide Deb Richardson was also excited to have the students tour the space. “Both now, and in the future, having the students in these workspaces provides them the chance to develop an interest or specialization in construction as they move into the workforce. Students become certified in NCCER Core and Masonry their junior year, and gain hands-on experience their senior year. Students take these certifications and use them to pursue specialized job opportunities.” Deb shared. 

The Van Wert Forward Team was excited to host the Vantage CET students and looks forward to continuing the relationship as the multi-phase project continues. 

Van Wert Forward is transforming quality of place by planning, developing, and sustaining the built environment in downtown Van Wert and is vision-driven by The Van Wert County Foundation. For more information visit Van Wert Forward’s website, or contact the Director of Engagement and Outreach, Joel Germann,