Oddfellows’ Lodge Block Returns with Traffic & Pedestrian Updates

Van Wert Forward Map of Downtown (Image by Cameron Cearns)

[VAN WERT, OH, May 18, 2023] Van Wert Forward announces changes to downtown motorist and pedestrian traffic starting Friday, May 19. The changes include adjustments to drive and turn lanes, modifications to sidewalk and crosswalk access, and temporary restrictions to on-street parking focused on the intersection of Washington Street and W Main Street.

The transition restores access to the northeast corner of the Washington and Main Street intersection, allowing pedestrians to use the northern and eastern crosswalks. They will also have an opportunity to observe the newly completed sidewalk, landscaping and facade of the Oddfellows’ Lodge building.

To ensure the safety of pedestrians and business patrons, temporary closures of the sidewalk and crosswalk access on the southwest corner of the intersection will be in place. Additionally, the removal of slanted parking spaces on the south sidewalk of W Washington St. is planned.

Motorists are advised to anticipate traffic updates within the intersection, including the closure of turn lanes. Despite these adjustments, all turn movements will remain accessible, ensuring continued convenience for drivers.

“The reopening of the northeast cluster represents a significant milestone in our Phase One plan. I believe everyone in the community can take pride in this transition as it showcases the revitalization efforts. The new landscaping and restored facade of the Oddfellows’ Lodge building is a remarkable representation of our overarching goal,” stated Hall Block, Executive Director of Van Wert Forward.

Regarding the traffic disruptions, Block acknowledged, “The day the fencing and orange cones are removed will be a welcome one. Until then, I assure everyone that the disruptions are a temporary barrier leading to something worthwhile.”

Hall joined WLIO Hometown Stations assignment editor, Todd Cummins to speak more about the progress downtown and the revitalization project.