142-144 E Main



142 E Main – Commercial

144 E Main – Commercial

History of Building

Built in 1900, this Romanesque-style building was intended to be a Hardware store. However, in 1909, the store essentially blew up when employees were using dynamite to break down tree stumps. It was then reconstructed, and in 1925, Gunsett Hardware occupied the space until 1977. Today it holds the business of Cate’s Diamond Mine on the first floor.

Building Stats

Yellow Brick building – different for the times. There are 5 arches that are seen above the windows of the building adding a special touch to the architecture.

Vision for Building

As we are building vibrancy downtown this building’s vision is still being developed. Do you have a passion and a vision for your own space in Van Wert’s thriving downtown? Contact Van Wert Forward today. (419) 238-1743