Downtown Van Wert Redevelopment Master Plan Update

The Downtown Van Wert Redevelopment Master Plan team hosts a virtual public meeting on Thursday, November 19th, at 6 pm. The purpose of this meeting is to provide the community with an overview of the planning process and key findings, present plan framework, and recommendations, and engage the public in a series of activities to gain input/feedback on the plan elements.

 The vision for this plan has come to life from the public’s feedback and the recurring themes that are being heard within the community. Findings from the public survey and community engagement support a desire to attract more businesses, create more engaging public spaces, and incorporate a variety of public art into downtown. From recruiting a flagship restaurant/brewery to the heart of downtown to creating more green space in and around downtown to making the streets pop with art and color, the feedback clearly reinforced the desire to usher downtown into a new era of development and prosperity. Creating public spaces and art downtown, attracting, growing, and supporting various business, and embracing partnerships and community collaboration are all project goals supported by key community stakeholders, engaged residents, and the project steering committee.

 This virtual public open house gives the community another opportunity to weigh in on all the progress made. In-depth technical analysis and robust community engagement have helped the planning team create the plan vision, which outlines the goals, objectives, and action items for downtown Van Wert.

“We need you, THE COMMUNITY, to provide your input to help finalize the plan so that you can use it as a tool to help downtown Van Wert for years to come.” shares Hall Block, VWCF Property Manager. “ We hope to see you on November 19th at 6 pm; please visit to join through Zoom.”